1. Introduction. Laptop, Difference, Advantage, Uses, Safety.
  2. Tools Required for Servicing Laptop.
  3. Identify Parts of Laptop.
  4. Dismantle & Assemble and Laptop with Parts Identify.
  5. Adapter: Work, Types, Volt, Ampere, Pin Checking.
  6. Battery: Types, Pin out Details, Basic Problems, Checking.
  7. TFT/LCD/ LED: Types of LCD, TFT/LCD, Size, Pin, Width.
  8. Inverter, CCFL: Usage and Concept of Inverter, CCFL Work.
  9. Motherboard: Types, Block Diagram, Identify.
  10. CPU Processor, Fan, Heat Sink: Types Identify.
  11. Keyboard, Touch Pad: Types, Working Concept, Connection.
  12. Hard Disk: Types, Diagrams, Basic Problems, IDE Sata.
  13. RAM: Types, Working Concept, Basic Problems.
  14. CD/DVD: Common Faults, Eject, Locks, Removing.
  15. Others: Body, Hinges, Panels, WIFI Card, PCMCIA Card, Speakers Changing and Replacing Above Components.
  16. Formatting & Installation of Operating Systems & Drivers on Laptop.