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  1. ADAPTER REPAIRING CONCEPTS :- Opening adapter, Testing Point, Troubleshooting ,
  2. BATTERY REPAIRING CONCEPTS :- Working Idea, open a Battery, Check Cells, , Battery IC Repairing Concepts of Battery
  3. LCD /TFT/LED CCFL / LCD TUBE CONCEPTS :- Pin out Details, Common Problems, Different Size of LCD, Repairing Concept of LCD, CCFL Testing, Replacement concepts of CCFL
  4. INVERTER REPAIRING CONCEPTS :- Pin Detail, Vcc, contrast, on /OFF, Gnd, Brightness controller MOSFET, Testing Inverter Troubleshooting of Inverter
  5. RAM :- Pin Details, SPD Firmware update concepts, Common faults of RAM Main signals and voltage of RAM
  6. KEYBOARD/ TOUCHPAD :- Basic problems & solution of Keyboard and Touch Pad, Working function of Touchpad switch
  7. HARD DISK :- Types of Hard Disks ,Converter used for Hard Disks , Common fault in Hard Disk section (motherboard section), Pin details of Hard Disk