Laptop Parts Repairing (Online/Offline)

Laptop Parts Repairing (Online/Offline)

Laptop parts repairing

*Adapter repairing

Chp 1) Block diagram

Chp 2) Methods of repairing and testing different adapters

Chp 3) How to open an adapter and tracing of the adapter (video)

*Battery repairing concept

Chp 1) Block diagram

Chp 2) Explanation of the circuit

Chp 3) Series and parallel connections in detail

Chp 4) How to open a battery

Chp 5) Battery circuit concept

Chp 6) Charging discharging mosfet  / eeprom chips in battery

Chp 7) Fault finding and repairing methods (video)

Chp 8) Pinout detail of laptop battery

*LCD/LED concept

Chp 9) Different types of LCDs./ LED

Chp 10) Block diagrams and the functions of LCD /LED

Chp 11) How to open an LCD (video)

Chp 12) Basic problems and their solutions

Chp 13) Lcd\ led testing instrument

*CCFL/LCD  tube concept

Chp 14) How to remove the CCFL tube from the LCD

Chp 15) Methods of testing and the CCFL tube

Chp 16) How to replace the CCFL tube

*Inverter repairing concept

Chp 17) Block diagrams

Chp 18) Repairing and testing method (stepwise)

Chp 19) How to open and tracing of an inverter (video)

Chp 20) Pinout detail of inverter

Chp 21) How to use universal inverter   jumper concept

*Ram types and volt

Chp 22) Types of Ram

Chp 23) Pin Detail Of RAM

Chp 24) Ram EEPROM

Chp 25) SPD  program of RAM concept

*Hard disk basic concept

Chp 26) Types of hard disk

Chp 27) How to solve hard disk related problems

Chp 28) Different pin outs and main voltage of hard disk

*Dvd basic concept

Chp 29) how to solve issues related to DVD drives

Chp 30) installing drivers etc…