Become an Expert Engineer

Become an Expert Engineer

We have been helping to become a high-quality Engineers

Intersoft Institute a leading training centre for Laptops, Mobiles and Desktop computer chip level repairing has now launched online training too. We are pioneers in providing quality education along with complete practical chip level repairing knowledge and we are known for converting students into working professionals.

 Intersoft Institute has been established since 1997, started initially as an institute for computer repairing. Intersoft later added a new division of chip level repairing in 1999 and further added mobile chip level repairing courses in 2004 along with a mobile repairing and service centre.

Further expanding our Intersoft Institute we launched a new division of chip level training and a laptop repairing centre in 2005. We have been successful in building a well equipped service centre and training lab. So far Intersoft has trained many students as well as professionals from all over the Indian Subcontinent. Our well experienced team of engineers have found ways of transferring their knowledge using easy and comprehensive methods of training. Intersoft provides proven notes as course materials and all the required equipments like SMD, MULTIMETER, ETC. during our training sessions.

Intersoft’s head office is located in Surat, one of Gujarat’s fastest growing cities which is also commonly known as the hub of the textile industry of India. It is convenient for students as it is appropriately placed between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Intersoft’s main aim is to extend our best technical and practical knowledge of chip level repairing of laptops, computers and mobiles all over the globe.

Intersoft provides Laptop Online Training | Laptop Chip Level Repairing | Mobile Chip Level Repairing | Printer Service Training | Data Recovery Training | Desktop Repair Training | Ipad-Tablet Repair Training | Smartphone Repair Training