Basic Electronics

Basic Electronics


In This Foundation Module, You Will Learn:

  •  Basic of electronics, assembling and soldering, identify electronics components,
  •  Types of circuits and testing electronics components.


1.  AC, DC, Electronics, (Electrical, Current, Voltage, Watt, Ampere, Types Of Circuit, Measure.)
2.  Types of Material, Working Detail of Circuit, Different Components.
3.  Resistor: Types, Uses, SMD, Measure, Value.
4.  Capacitor: Work, Types, Ceramic, Electrolyte, Tentalium
5.  Induction / Coil: Work, Types, Check.
6.  Transformer: Work, Types, Step Up, Step Down, SMD, Checks.
7.  Diode: Semiconductor, N Type, P Type, Work, Types, Testing.
8.  Transistor: Work, Types, NPN, PNP, Testing Method, Uses.
9.  FET, MOSFET: Work, Types, NPN, PNP, Testing, Single Channel, Dual Channel, Testing, Uses.
10.Other Components: Fuse, Crystal, RTC.
11. Digital Electronics, Types of Number Systems, Conversion.
12. Types Of Logic Gate: AND, OR NOT NOR, NAND, Flip Flop, Exclusive.
13. Study of Different Chip Datasheet with Different Gates and Working Idea of Different Chips.
14. Soldering, Removing, Cold Testing, Warm Testing, Procedure of Components.
15. Project on Electronics, practical Idea of Using Different Components. Resistor, Capacitor Diode Transistor, MOSET, Fuse, Coil, Led, Switch etc.
16. Soldering and Desoldering Practice
Revision and Exams.